International Network

9th International COPSOQ Workshop Canada 2023

We are happy to announce that we will finally have another face-to-face meeting in Canada in 2023!

Some general information:

  • Again, it will be part of the “Mayday”-event
  • Mayday is on 10th, preconference COPSOQ meeting on evening 10th
  • 11th-12th COPSOQ Workshop
  • Venue: Hamilton, Canada (in presence)
  • Topics:
    • Covid and COPSOQ: results / findings in data before and in pandemic
    • Covid and COPSOQ: practical experiences assessing in workplaces during the pandemic
    • Beyond COPSOQ measurement: what is done and not done; other assessments
    • New developments in COPSOQ
  • Time for each presentation: 10 min. plus 5 minutes discussion
  • Official Language: English
  • Presentations are restricted to network members (and: limited number!), participating is open to all people taking part in the Mayday-conference and who are interested in the topics
  • Registration from now until February, 15th 2023
  • Abstracts (200 words) for presentations until February, 15th 2023
  • Decision on acceptance of abstracts and confirmation of participation February, 28th 2023

Furthermore, will we have a closed session for network members only. This will take place on May, 12th 2023 and includes election oft the steering committee, discussing future plans, and others.


Further information on the Mayday-conference and the program will be presented here soon.