International Network

The COPSOQ network: aims and activities

The main reasons for the founding of the COPSOQ international network in 2009 were the wish for cooperation to take advantage of COPSOQ’s cross-cultural design, and the need to coordinate discussion about standards for the assessment of psychosocial factors in general and with COPSOQ in particular. The network’s aim is to facilitate the communication between several groups and is therefore linked to governments, universities and research institutions, enterprises and social agents from European and other countries all over the world. Further development of COPSOQ and the perpetuation of a common content will allow global comparability and therefore contribute to the harmonization of international information and statistics on labour and psychosocial strain at the workplace.

The network consists of a growing number of members. Some of them are listed on the webpage with their full address, others are on an internal list to inform them about the most important events. The network is headed by a steering committee of six persons that are to be elected at the regular COPSOQ conferences every two years. Conferences of the highly interdisciplinary network were so far held in Copenhagen in 2007, Freiburg in 2009, Barcelona in 2011, Ghent 2013, Paris 2015, and Santiago de Chile 2017.

Important objectives for the period 2017-2019 are:

  • Review results of analyses of working conditions and health and labour market participation where COPSOQ has been used.
  • Review results of methodological/ psychometrical analyses concerning COPSOQ, new version 3.
  • Clear all methodological and normative issues related to the use of such scales in comparative analysis.
  • Discuss and plan international collaborative surveys and data comparisons.
  • Discuss the use of COPSOQ in different countries for practical applications such as risk assessment in enterprises.

Actual information concerning network’s activities, the upcoming conference in Istanbul 2019 as well as COPSOQ-related publications will be updated on If you want to get information about the COPSOQ conference in 2019, feel free to send a message to one of the steering committee’s members.