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Licence, Guidelines & Questionnaire

People interested in the use of COPSOQ find the licence, the guidelines
of the network and the items / questionnaire of COPSOQ 3 here.

COPSOQ users (licensee) are authorized to:

Share - Copy and redistribute the material regardless of medium or format. The licensor (COPSOQ network) can not revoke these freedoms as long as the user complies with the guidelines and license terms. The COPSOQ questionnaire is free to use under the creative commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 on the following conditions:

by nc nd

Licensee mustpay respect to the guidelines and provide proper recognition of the instrument. Licensee must do so in accordance with good practice, and not in a way that provides a picture that the licensor supports the Licensee or use.

If Licensee remixes, transforms, or builds on the material, the licensee may not distribute the modified material as "COPSOQ".

No further restrictions - licensee may not apply legal restrictions or technology methods that legally restrict others from doing anything permitted by the license.

When used in workplaces, the survey is included in a coherent process following the guidelines presented below.

When used for commercial purposes the questionnaire is free to use w//hen following the guidelines presented below//. Notice, no fee can be charged for use of the questionnaire per se, but fees for assessment, advice, analysis, training etc is allowed.

For researchers

Before starting your own COPSOQ activity (translation, adaption, etc.) please have a look at the network's website. If there already is a COPSOQ-network-member from your country or a validated version of the questionnaire for your country or language you are in accordance with this license required to contact this person(s) before you start in order to avoid different versions for one country / language.


No warranties are given. The license gives or does not provide all the necessary terms for the Licensee's intended use of the work. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy, or non-proprietary rights may limit how the Licensee may use the work.

COPSOQ III. Guidelines and questionnaire.

A publication on COPSOQ 3 is now available as open access here: ‘The Third Version of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire’

COPSOQ international network, June 29th 2020